Funeral service “Hermes SOUTH” will provide you with a complete list of funeral services:


— exit agent ritual to you at any point (around the clock);


— transportation of the body of the deceased to morgue;


   — design a full package of documents on the death;


   — selection and assistance in finding the burial places / cremation;


   — providing all funeral accessories (a large assortment sepulchral, Venkov, crosses, urns for ashes, bedspreads and other necessary ritual paraphernalia);


   — We manufacture mourning signs with photos on metal / unturned;


   — Organization of the funeral ritual;


   — Digging graves (dismantling of monuments);


   — fabrication and installation of monuments;


— production and installation of fences;


   — funeral transport funeral;


   — additional transport for passengers;


   — priest services;


   — memorial dinner;


   — repatriation (load 200), organization of inter-city and international transport of the deceased;


   — organization and preparation of a full package of necessary documents for international transport of the deceased;


 — exhumation and reburial services ;


   — combatants, participants of the Great Patriotic War, disabled WWII discount on services.